Planning on Bringing a Large RV?

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Increased interest in MKSP has led us to look seriously at how/if we can accommodate large RV units at future events, given the small amount of space suitable for them at our star party site. If you’re planning to come …

Tips if you are coming

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For those not familiar with MKSP, here are some last minute tips… because nothing worthwhile is easy. 1. This year’s star party is about as late as MKSP ever gets. That’s ideal for long periods of darkness, but also more …

Updates on WildFires and 2022 MKSP

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The start of MKSP 2022 is just over a week away, and we’re very excited about the amount of interest shown in the “rebirth” of our star party after two years off. There is also concern — as usual — …

MKSP 2023 is just 18 days away!

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MKSP is just 18 days away, and we’re getting ever-more-conscious of weather and sky conditions as the days go by. A lot can happen in 18 days, but so far the summer of 2023 has been kind to the southern …

Lee Johnson Tribute

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As plans proceed for MKSP 2023, we are stricken at the news that one of our deepest devotees, Lee Johnson, has passed suddenly at his home in Vancouver suddenly on Monday, July 10th, at the age of 79. This year’s …

Gerry Knight performs Kobau Friends

Kobau Friends

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Gerry Knight sings his original composition “Kobau Friends” to wrap up the star party in 2019. We are looking forward to 8 Nights of Observing at the upcoming MKSP in a few days.

All about 2023

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The work to get ready for 2023 is already well underway, we have speakers for Thursday, Friday. The pages are updated and more will be added before the start of the Star Party.