MKSP 2022 Star Party Information


2022 is over, and it was a success, we will be posting information about what happened on this page and in the Stories and Portfolio sections over the next few weeks,

In a month we will take a look at what to expect for the 38th MKSP in 2023.

Roger Nelson, Webmaster

President's Message

Welcome to Mount Kobau everyone! I hope you have a wonderful few days on the mountain with great skies.

This is our Thirty Seventh annual star party. Generally about 80 astronomers come out to star gaze and have fun with their colleagues. We have four talks planned for this year.

The speakers include Lee Johnson, Colleen O’Hare, Murray Paulson and Roger Nelson. Come out and enjoy some of these presentations during your visit. We also have great prizes to give away on Saturday afternoon, August 27.

We ask that you obey some simple rules. Among them: please respect the plants and animals on the mountain. Do not use laser pointers! Due to Canadian regulations only authorized members of the society may use them when required. If you use a generator or any other device that is likely to make noise please make sure it is muffled to reduce the noise and only use the device during the afternoon (noon to 6:00 p.m.). If any concerns come up during your stay, please come see us at Registration.

Again, thanks for coming out. I hope to meet all of you at some point.  Have fun and enjoy our amazing hobby at Kobau’s wonderful skies.

Clear Skies

Allen Royston, President
Mount Kobau Astronomical Society


Registration Information

Pre-registration is Preferred for the 2022 Mt. Kobau Star Party. Sorry, it is not possible to for us to reserve space on the mountain top.

Pre-Registrations can be mailed to us as soon as they are filled out, with payment by cheque or money order enclosed. If you choose not to pre-register, you can register on-site.

The Rates for 2022 have not changed, the table below contains the rates for 2022, so no inflation here.

A form to register by clicking on the Reg. Form button below to obtain/print a copy.

Payable by cheque or money order in Canadian Funds.
Make cheques payable to: Mount Kobau Astronomical Society. Mail to: MKSP Registrar, 1069 Calmels Crescent, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4L6

Number in Party Number of Nights Normal Rate
One person One night $25.00
One person Two nights $50.00
One person More than two nights $75.00
Two or more persons One night $35.00
Two or more persons Two nights $70.00
Two or more persons More than two nights $100.00

MKSP 2022 Schedule of Events

Saturday, Aug. 20MKSP begins at dusk.
Last Qtr. of Moon was previous night
Sunday, Aug. 2112:14am – Moonrise
2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
Monday, Aug. 221:00 am – Moonrise with Moon close to M35
2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
Tuesday, Aug. 232:00am – Moonrise
2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
8:00 pm Sunset
Wednesday, Aug. 24 2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
7:00 pm@ The Flats – Speaker: Lee Johnson “Kobau Skies this Week: Kemble’s Cascade and Six Degrees of Separation (Camelopardalis).”
Thursday, Aug. 255:00 am – At Dawn Moon Next to Venus
2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
7:00 pm @ The Flats – Speaker: Roger Nelson “MKSP’s new Website & Telling the MKSP Story”
Friday, Aug. 262:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
7:00 pm @ The Flats – Speaker: Colleen O’Hare “3D printing and Astronomy”
9:30 pm – Binocular Star Walk, led by Murray Paulson. (Meet at The Flats)
10:48pm – New Moon
Saturday, Aug. 272:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
Morning of - ATM Contest Judging Walkabout
Noon - deadline for submission of Astrophotography Submissions
Watch for Posting re: Time & Meeting Place
3:00 pm @ The Flats: Closing Ceremonies,
Door Prize Draw,
Group Photo
5:00 pm @ The Flats – Swap Table
7:00 pm @ The Flats – Possible Speaker: To Be Announced
Sunday, Aug. 28MKSP ends at dawn.

Lectures and Topics

Talks planned for 2022 MKSP
Lee Johnson - Although Kobau regular Lee Johnson has retired from his day job, he still is a full-time Kobauite who has returned to the Mountain every year since he started in 1986. Jobs may come and go, but the Universe abides. Kobau Skies This Week Kemble’s Cascade and Six Degrees of Separation (Camelopardalis)
Murray Paulson - is a frustrated astrophysicist whose heart dwells in the Milky Way or chasing some meteorite to its home on the Canadian prairies. Solar eclipses may entice him to strange lands, but he always comes back to Mt. Kobau to drink in the dark skies and warm friendship here on the top of the mountain. Binocular Star Walk Back by popular demand Murry will conduct this for those interested in attendance.
Colleen O’Hare - joined the RASC Okanagan Centre in late 2004 and immediately gravitated towards outreach. She became the Outreach Coordinator in 2005 and has built the program up to an average of 120 events per year which reaches 7000 members of the public. She has also been involved in the Okanagan Observatory from the start and is particularly proud of the Sky Theatre. Colleen updates observing lists each year for the Mt. Kobau Star Party, and manages the Help Desk. 3D Printing and Astronomy This year her talk will be about using 3D printers for astronomy.
Roger Nelson - A long time attendee of MKSP since 1992. Roger is an avid Observer/Photographer of the night sky and is back again with his wife Grace to enjoy the MKSP skies this year. Roger has been the Webmaster of the website for the Society since 2014. Recently he updated the site and would like to review and ask for help from MKSPers to enrich the content. His own story of his experience with Astronomy is, you guessed it, on his website Telling MKSP Stories -Recently Roger updated the web site site and would like to review and ask for help from MKSPers to enrich the content.

Contests, Pins and Awards

This year as is traditional for MKSP there may be awards for the following.  For more information on how you might participate ask when you arrive for more information on how to compete for these awards.  The Judging occurs on Saturday Morning, so you have to let us know before then that you want to enter.   


A trophy may be awarded for each of the following categories
Prime Focus
Camera On Tripod
Novice Astrophoto
Daytime Photo


A trophy may be awarded for each of the following categories
Mechanical Excellence
Most Innovative Design
First Time Telescope
Dobsonian Telescope
Astronomical Equipment


MKSP is pleased to present observing suggestions. The observing program suggestions are not competitions in the true sense of the word but rather are intended to provide the astronomer with a sense of accomplishment. Levels of experience range from absolute beginner to seasoned amateur. Refer to the lists below for details.

Completed lists will be rewarded with a pin and your name will be posted in the History section on the MKSP website for all to see. To obtain a pin, bring your completed form to the registration desk during hours of operation.

You will find all the lists by clicking on the links below. Choose the list or lists you would like to try. You may download a copy then print or you may just print the pdf file(s) directly. Don't forget to bring printed copies for your use at the star party.

  • UnAided Eye List:  No optical aids except your eyes are required to complete this task. Completion of this list will provide those who have little or even no knowledge with the summer-time night sky a satisfying experience of observing fundamentals.
  • Bright Objects List: A pair of binoculars or small telescope will be beneficial to complete this list. The list is intended for the beginning amateur, but even experienced astronomers will gain great satisfaction from finding and viewing these objects.
  • Intermediate Objects List: You'll need at least a small aperture but a medium sized telescope is recommended to complete this list. This is the list most MKSP attendees will wish to attempt.
  • Challenge List: This is a very difficult list and will require a large aperture telescope to complete. Intended for the experienced astronomer.

Click on the image to download a printable PDF to take to the mountain.

Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Unaided Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Intermediate Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Bright Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Challenge Objects.
Photo Imaging Awards
Murry Paulson - Camera on Prime Focus
Prime Focus
Link to Image
David Wilde - Nature
Grace Nelson - Daytime (Sky)
Daytime Photo
Link to Image
Roger Nelson - Camera on Tripod
Using Tripod
Link to Image
Observing Pins and/or Ribbons

Clive and Janeen Williams
Unaided Eye Observing

Grace and Roger Nelson
Unaided Eye Observing
Binocular Observing
Raffle Prize - Grace Nelson - Observing Chair
Door Prizes
David Wilde - Moon Map donated by Sky & Telescope
Grace Nelson - Aurora Poster donated by Sky & Telescope
Connor Paulson - Pocket Sky Atlas donated by Sky & Telescope
David Wilde - Mission to Mars book donated by Anonymous
Peter Balholm - Donated by Universe Sandbox Keys

Also Universe SandBox Keys were awarded to the following:

  • Gail Foster
  • Cal Foster
  • Mark Crawford

A Space for Photos and images from 2022 MKSP