MKSP 2024 Star Party Information

Plans for 2024 / President's Message


Welcome to Mount Kobau everyone! I hope you have a wonderful few days on the mountain with great skies.

This is our 39th annual star party. Generally about 80 astronomers come out to star gaze and have fun with their colleagues.

Clear Skies

Allen Royston, President
Mount Kobau Astronomical Society

MKSP Skies

Click on the image below, to learn more about what you will be able to see this year.

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Registration Information

Pre-registration is Preferred for the 2024 Mt. Kobau Star Party. Sorry, it is not possible to for us to reserve space on the mountain top.

Pre-Registrations can be mailed to us as soon as they are filled out, with payment by cheque or money order enclosed. If you choose not to pre-register, you can register on-site.

The Rates for 2024 are the same as last year see the table below.

A form to register by clicking on the Reg. Form button below to obtain/print a copy.

Payable by cheque or money order in Canadian Funds.
Make cheques payable to: Mount Kobau Astronomical Society. Mail to: MKSP Registrar, 1069 Calmels Crescent, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4L6

Download Pre-Registration Form - PDF format
Number in Party Number of Nights Normal Rate
One person One night $25.00
One person Two nights $50.00
One person More than two nights $75.00
Two or more persons One night $35.00
Two or more persons Two nights $70.00
Two or more persons More than two nights $100.00

MKSP 2024 Schedule of Events

Talks may be postponed in the event of bad weather. Times here are tentative. Check at the Registration Desk for the most current information.
Saturday, Aug. 3MKSP begins at dusk. Arrivals in the afternoon.
Sunday, Aug. 42:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
4:14am New Moon New
Monday, Aug. 52:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
9:25 pm Moonset 2% illuminated
Tuesday, Aug. 62:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
Wednesday, Aug. 7New Moon - 2:39am
2:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
3:00 pm @ The Flats – Speaker: Ken Hewitt-White Kobau Skies This Week
9:51 pm Moonset 10% illuminated
8:27 pm Sunset
Thursday, Aug. 82:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
7:00 pm @ The Flats – Speaker: Murray Paulson, relating stories of three total solar eclipse chases.
Friday, Aug. 92:00 - 4:00 pm – Registration/Reception
7:00 pm The Flats – Speaker: Peter Ceravolo, speaking about the construction of a very large amateur telescope.
9:30 pm @ The Flats – Binocular Star Walk, Murray Paulson
10:15 pm Moonset 24% illuminated
Saturday, Aug. 102:00 - 3:00 pm – Registration/Reception
Morning of - ATM Contest Judging Walkabout.
Noon - Deadline for submission of Photo Contest Submissions and Submissions for Observing Awards.
3:00 pm @ The Flats: Closing Ceremonies,
Door Prize Draw,
Group Photo,
Swap Table
7:00 pm @ The Flats – Speaker: Tony Puerzer, speaking about a simple recipe for successful astro-imaging.
Sunday, Aug. 11MKSP ends at dawn. Departures by Mid-day.

Lectures and Topics

We are very excited to announce the following guest speakers for MKSP 2024, which runs for a full week Aug 3-11.

On Aug 8, veteran eclipse chaser Murray Paulson will relate tales of three total solar eclipses.

Aug 9, optics expert Peter Ceravolo will speak about the construction of a very large amateur telescope.

Aug 10, Tony Puerzer will tell about his simple recipe for astro-imaging success.

In addition to these evening talks, Murray Paulson will be back with his popular Binocular Starwalk, after dark on the 9th (weather permitting).

We hope you'll be able to join us for the 40th anniversary edition of Mt Kobau Star Party!


Contests, Pins and Awards

This year as is traditional for MKSP there may be awards for the following.  For more information on how you might participate ask when you arrive for more information on how to compete for these awards.  The Judging occurs on Saturday Morning, so you have to let us know before then that you want to enter.   


A trophy may be awarded for each of the following categories
Prime Focus
Camera On Tripod
Novice Astrophoto
Daytime Photo


A trophy may be awarded for each of the following categories
Mechanical Excellence
Most Innovative Design
First Time Telescope
Dobsonian Telescope
Astronomical Equipment


A trophy may be awarded for each of the following categories
Sketching and Drawing from the Telescope


MKSP is pleased to present observing suggestions. The observing program suggestions are not competitions in the true sense of the word but rather are intended to provide the astronomer with a sense of accomplishment. Levels of experience range from absolute beginner to seasoned amateur. Refer to the lists below for details.

Completed lists will be rewarded with a pin and your name will be posted in the History section on the MKSP website for all to see. To obtain a pin, bring your completed form to the registration desk during hours of operation.

You will find all the lists by clicking on the links below. Choose the list or lists you would like to try. You may download a copy then print or you may just print the pdf file(s) directly. Don't forget to bring printed copies for your use at the star party.

  • UnAided Eye List:  No optical aids except your eyes are required to complete this task. Completion of this list will provide those who have little or even no knowledge with the summer-time night sky a satisfying experience of observing fundamentals.
  • Bright Objects List: A pair of binoculars or small telescope will be beneficial to complete this list. The list is intended for the beginning amateur, but even experienced astronomers will gain great satisfaction from finding and viewing these objects.
  • Intermediate Objects List: You'll need at least a small aperture but a medium sized telescope is recommended to complete this list. This is the list most MKSP attendees will wish to attempt.
  • Challenge List: This is a very difficult list and will require a large aperture telescope to complete. Intended for the experienced astronomer.

Click on the image to download a printable PDF to take to the mountain.

Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Unaided Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Intermediate Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Bright Objects.
Click on this image to download a pdf list of the Challenge Objects.

Recipients will be presented here after Saturday

Observing Pins and/or Ribbons

Recipients will be presented here after Saturday

Raffle Prize

Prize winner will be presented here after Saturday

Door Prizes

Prize winners will be presented here after Saturday

A Space for Photos and images from 2024 MKSP