Featured image for “M22”
September 6, 2022
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Taken by Murray Paulson and winner of the Award for Prime Focus at 2022 MKSP.

“Here is my shot of M22. This was taken on Sunday night (aug 21) with my Williams Optics GT71 f5.9 plus a 1:1 field flattener. I shot 40 x 30 second unguided subs and stacked them and processed  them in Deep Sky Stacker. I used Corel to convert from 138MB TIFF to Jpeg and crop the image to size. The camera used was the Canon 80D at Iso 400. 

I had to grab M22 quickly since it was so far south and going down in the west.”  

Messier 22 or M22, also known as NGC 6656, is an elliptical globular cluster of stars in the constellation Sagittarius, near the Galactic bulge region. It is one of the brightest globulars visible in the night sky. The brightest stars are 11th magnitude, with hundreds of stars bright enough to resolve with an 8″ telescope. It is just south of the sun’s position in mid-December , and northwest of Lambda Sagittarii (Kaus Borealis), the northernmost star of the “Teapot” asterism.