Lee Johnson Tribute

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July 14, 2023
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As plans proceed for MKSP 2023, we are stricken at the news that one of our deepest devotees, Lee Johnson, has passed suddenly at his home in Vancouver suddenly on Monday, July 10th, at the age of 79.

This year’s star party will feature formal and informal tributes to Lee, who was a perennial guest speaker, a veteran observer, and as good a Kobau friend as has ever walked the surface of our planet. His “holy mountain” will not be the same in his absence.

On Thursday Veteran MKSP attendee Ken Hewitt-White will lead a tribute to his long-time Kobau friend, fellow deep-sky observer, and faithful camping companion, Prof. Lee Johnson. who passed away suddenly on Monday, July 10th, at the age of 79. Following Ken’s brief eulogy for Lee, anyone in attendance is invited to chime in with their own remembrances. This will be a Kobau ‘group hug’ for a wonderful man.

Below: Lee Observing at “Ken’s Corner MKSP” photo by Alan Dyer, from MKSP 2014