Tips if you are coming

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For those not familiar with MKSP, here are some last minute tips… because nothing worthwhile is easy. 1. This year’s star party is about as late as MKSP ever gets. That’s ideal for long periods of darkness, but also more …

Planning on Bringing a Large RV?

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Increased interest in MKSP has led us to look seriously at how/if we can accommodate large RV units at future events, given the small amount of space suitable for them at our star party site. If you’re planning to come …

The first night of MKSP 2022

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The first night of MKSP 2022 wasn’t far from what was forecast, though we’d hoped for more clear sky than we got. It was overcast at dusk with intimidatingly dark cloud to the north. Our group of four saw a …

And… we’re off to the mountain!

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And… we’re off to the mountain! The forecast for the next few days includes a mix of clear sky and cloud, with pm showers or thundershowers today and tomorrow. Steadily clear skies before mid-week. You can keep up with the …

MKSP begins at dusk tomorrow!

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There’s a good chance we’ll start with a cloudy evening after an unsettled day that might include a shower or a real downpour (40% chance of a shower w/ risk of thundershowers in the area). But if rain clears the …

A place to tell the stories of MKSP

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There will be a talk at the 2022 MKSP that will talk about this idea to enrichen the content on the new site, By Roger Nelson, the webmaster. Do you have a story to tell about your experience at MKSP?  …

MKSP in 3 weeks!

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This image is of the morning sky taken at the last MKSP in 2019.   For this all you need is a good cell phone camera, this shows the Milky Way in Perseus.  Also there is The Andromeda and Triangulum Galaxies.