MKSP 2023 and the Perseid Meteor Shower

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July 26, 2023
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The 2023 Perseid Meteor Shower will be the opening event of this years star party. The peak of the shower is set to happen the Opening Night August 12-13th. To make it more exceptional the moon will not rise until later in the night and it will be only 10% Illuminated. Peak activity is expected to occur at around midnite PDT! (Mt. Kobau Time)

At its peak, the shower is expected to produce a nominal rate of around 150 meteors per hour (ZHR). However, this zenithal hourly rate is calculated assuming a perfectly dark sky and that the radiant of the shower is situated directly overhead. In practice, any real observing sight will fall short of these ideal conditions. The number of meteors you are likely to see is thus lower than this, and can be estimated using the ZHR formula.

The following article, give more information on this event and is the source of the information I have shared although it is written for an observer in Eastern Canada.

For the attendee of MKSP, feel free to arrive well before sunset and then register the next day on Sunday, August 13th.