The 35th annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 4, 2018 and will end at dawn August 12, 2018

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2016 Contests & Observing Program


Dark sky observing is our raison d'être on the mountaintop, but we're not above a little friendly competition. Entry forms for all the photography contests will be available at the desk but you may download a pdf version of the Daylight Photos form by clicking on links on this page

  • Astrophotography: The five categories are Prime Focus, Piggyback, Camera on Tripod, Video, Novice and Nature Entries may be a printed or electronic image or a slide. You must be equipped to display your own images.
  • Amateur Telescope Making: There are four areas of competition which include Mechanical Excellence, First Time Telescope, Dobsonian.
  • Daylight (Local Area) Photography/Imaging: Submit your new images of the scenery, flora and fauna or fellow MKSP attendees which capture your attention during your MKSP experience. Rules are included with the entry form.

Observing Lists

In addition to the several annual contests noted above, MKSP is pleased to present observing suggestions. The observing program suggestions are not competitions in the true sense of the word but rather are intended to provide the astronomer with a sense of accomplishment. Levels of experience range from absolute beginner to seasoned amateur. Refer to the lists below for details.

Completed lists will be rewarded with a pin and your name will be posted in the History section on the MKSP website for all to see. To obtain a pin, bring your completed form to the registration desk during hours of operation.

You will find all the lists on the website menu or by clicking on the links below. Choose the list or lists you would like to try. You may download a copy then print or you may just print the pdf file(s) directly. Don't forget to bring printed copies for your use at the star party.

  • UnAided Eye List:  No optical aids except your eyes are required to complete this task. Completion of this list will provide those who have little or even no knowledge with the summer-time night sky a satisfying experience of observing fundamentals.
  • Bright Objects List: A pair of binoculars or small telescope will be beneficial to complete this list. The list is intended for the beginning amateur, but even experienced astronomers will gain great satisfaction from finding and viewing these objects.
  • Intermediate Objects List: You'll need at least a small aperture but a medium sized telescope is recommended to complete this list. This is the list most MKSP attendees will wish to attempt.
  • Challenge List: This is a very difficult list and will require a large aperture telescope to complete. Intended for the experienced astronomer.