The 37th Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 21st, 2022 and will end at dawn August 28th, 2022

Star trails

A 25 inch telescope


Talks for the 2014 MKSP which have been confirmed are listed below. Please check back periodically for updates to this page.

Talks Scheduled for the July 26 - August 03 2014 MKSP
Tues 29 Dusk Alan Dyer Nightscape and Time Lapse Techniques
Wed 30 15:00 Lee Johnson Mt. Kobau Skies This Week -- Camelopardalis, Our Canadian Giraffe.
Thur 31 nightfall Murray Paulson Binocular Star Walk - meet at The Mt. Kobau Flats
Sat. 02 evening Dr. Ken Tapping What is the Sun up to?

Alan Dyer: Nightscape and Time-Lapse Techniques You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on CCD cameras and high-end telescopes to take great images of the night sky. With the camera equipment you may already own you can take unique "nightscapes" lit by the Moon or just the stars and Milky Way. With the addition of a simple intervalometer remote you can go one better to create stunning time-lapse movies of the moving sky. In a 1-hour twilight talk Alan reviews the main tips and techniques for capturing the "world at night," then processing your images into stunning stills and movies.

Dr. Ken Tapping: What is the Sun up to? After an unusually long and deep solar minimum, we have had a low and strange solar maximum. Solar indices that varied in lock-step are now deviating from one another. What is going to happen next? Has it happened before? What is this telling us about the predictability of solar behaviour and our ability to use the past to predict future solar variability?