The 37th Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 21st, 2022 and will end at dawn August 28th, 2022

Star trails

A 25 inch telescope


Talks Scheduled for the August 03 - August 11 2013 MKSP
Wed 07 15:30 Lee Johnson Mt. Kobau Skies this Week - Three Showpiece Spiral Galaxies.
Thur 08 20:20 Nic David An introduction to clouds: identification, interpretation, importance
Clouds are the bane of star parties but their appreciation has its own rewards, not least an inkling of when they might depart. After discussing the nature of clouds and their role in the global circulation of water, I offer a historically-based and illustrated typology ranging from low clouds to cumulonimbus to forms that occur 80 km up in the mesosphere. Cloud identification is an essential preliminary to the understanding of cloud modifications and dynamics, and to the prediction of weather, an example of which is sketched, and ultimately of climate and climate change. The constant transformation of clouds banishes boredom in the open air except under clear skies or nimbostratus, for which observing and a nice cup of tea are, respectively, the cures.
Thur 08 22:30 Murray Paulson The ever popular Star Walk with Murray Paulson.
Fri 09 20:30 Murray Paulson Eclipse Chasing in the Land Down Under.
Sat 10 20:20 Richard Christie The Science Behind the Drake Equation. This talk breaks down Frank Drake’s famous estimate of Extraterrestrial civilizations by looking at the Science behind each term. We will see how the number of stars in our Milky Way is obtained and how we determine the Galaxy’s stellar birth rates. We’ll look at recent progress from Kepler in determining what percentage of stars have planets, what proportion are rocky terrestrials like our Earth, and which of those "Earths" are in the habitable zone. We will also look at current ideas about expanding the "Habitable" Zone beyond its traditional definition. Finally, we will end with an examination of how we determine how many galaxies might be in our Universe.