The 35th annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 4, 2018 and will end at dawn August 12, 2018

Attempt at Inuksuit or just balanced rocks ?

Skies over Kobau

Please support the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes for the 2011 MKSP.

  • Richard Christie
  • John McKee
  • Murray and Joanne Paulson

WINNERS of the 2011 PRIZES

Images and names supplied courtesy Guy Mackie
(Click on an image to view details)

Richele Karlsson

Glen Peterman

Jimmy Barrett

Ronan Kerr

Joanne Osborne Paulson

Heather Olson

Conner Paulson

Don Olson

Elsha Kerr

Kelly Collins

Thomas Fisher

Ronan Kerr

Colleen O’Hare

Ted Kingsland

Neil Sandy

Craig McCaw

Kelly Davies

Phil Oltmann

Elsha Kerr

Daniel Paulson

Rob Kingsland

Ted Kingsland

Jack Dudych